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About Us

Saddle Network was developed by equestrians who were fed up with the ever increasing rate of equipment theft.

Through social networking and word of mouth, we read and listened to story after story of distraught victims of saddle theft, and the many responses from fellow equestrians wanting to help.

It also became apparent, that because of how unique our equestrian world is, stolen items were being purchased unknowingly right back into the community from which they were taken.

As riders and participants in equestrian sports, we found ourselves asking the question, “what if we could stop theft before it ever happened?”

We then realized the solution was right in front of us, all around us and in what we use everyday.

Combine modern technology and our close-knit equestrian community, and you have Saddle Network.

We created Saddle Network so that the equestrian community could utilize its vast social networking strength, come together, and stop being victims of equipment theft.

What do we do?

  • Tag Equipment – To identify and deter theft
  • Utilize Social Networking & Technology – To immediately alert in case of theft
  • Serve as a United Voice - To stop theft in our community

No matter what breed or discipline, whether you are a professional or backyard enthusiast, we all share a common passion. Through our shared affinity as an equestrian community, we want and need to help each other.

We created Saddle Network so the equestrian community could utilize its networking strength and stop being a victim of equipment theft!

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