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How it Works

Step 1: Join Saddle Network

  • Log on, find a package that fits your needs, create your member profile and start adding your equipment
  • Need help? Any authorized SN tack store, saddle manufacturer rep or mobile tack vendor can walk you through the sign up process.

Step 2: Archive Your Equipment

Archive any or all your equestrian related tack equipment.

Saddle Network provides a secure online location to record and store all equipment information with photos and detailed descriptions.

After archiving you can then:

  • Quickly access information on any item you have archived through any smartphone or PC.
  • Decide which item(s) you would like to tag and by selecting that option on that archived item, a tag request will be sent to Saddle Network immediately. Saddle Network will then assign a specific tag to that item and send that tag with rivets and decal to you for application. or the tag can be provided by any authorized Saddle Network representative.
  • Easily change status on an archived item to Stolen, Missing/lost, Recovered, In Consignment, Out on Trial or Listed in TackBay, by a simple click of a button.
  • Easily share information with your insurance company, friends or whoever you choose.

Step 3: Tag Your Equipment

Tag the designated item that the tag was requested for.

After you receive your tag(s) either from Saddle Network or issued by an authorized Saddle Network representative affix the tag to the pre-designated item.

It’s quick and easy to permanently affix Saddle Network tags.

In order to maintain continuity and legitimacy Saddle Network has pre-determined tag placement locations. Always on the left side of the saddle these locations are:

English Style - including but not limited to hunter/jumper, dressage, saddle seat, etc.

  • Primary location – Left side / below stirrup leather keeper. Tag placed vertically, QR code at top, approximately .25” from edge.
  • Alternate location – Left side / above stirrup leather keeper. Tag placed vertically, QR code at top, approximately .25” from edge.

Western Style - including but not limited to reining, cutting, trail, barrel, pleasure, etc.

  • Primary location – Left side / rear edge of seat jockey. Tag placed vertically, QR code at top, approximately .25” from edge of leather
  • Alternate location – Left side / back jockey (if applicable) where it meets seat jockey. Tag placed horizontally, approximately .25” from edge of leather.

Tags are placed for visibility and are an immediate theft deterrent.

Correct placement insures that neither the performance of the horse or rider is affected and provides effective recognition that the saddle is protected by the Saddle Network community. Tags that have been removed leave holes in a non-typical location for anything other than a Saddle Network tag, creating a suspicion to the saddles history.

Step 4: Utilize the Network

Saddle Network tags provide an effective visible theft deterrent – thieves will avoid Saddle Network tagged items and look for unprotected tack.

If a theft does occur to a tagged item, the owner then has the ability, through the click of a button, to quickly alert the entire Saddle Network community. This will immediately send out alerts via text, email, postings to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as front page coverage on Saddle Network’s ‘Stolen Alert’ section.

Saddle Network tags provide history of registered tagged saddles.

Buyers of used saddles, whether individual, retailer or consignment no longer have to question the legitimacy of a saddle they wish to purchase or provide for resale. By simply scanning the Saddle Network tag’s QR code with a smartphone, they will be immediately linked to an ‘item verification’ landing page. Or by visiting the Saddle Network website via PC, potential buyers can enter the tag’s serial number, and immediately view the saddles status.

TackBay The Safer Marketplace

Looking to sell?

  • SN members can easily sell items by moving them from archiving to TackBay with a simple click of a button.
  • Retailers and manufacturers that are members of SN have the ability to create their own virtual showrooms on TackBay.
  • No commissions to pay. Only a minimal listing fee and in some cases nothing at all.

Looking to buy?

  • TackBay is available to search for free to SN members and non members alike.
  • TackBay makes searching easy by providing detailed search parameters. Applying parameters enables users to save time by searching only for items that they’re truly interested in.
  • TackBay gives users the ability to compare selected items easily on one page.
  • Sales transaction is between the seller and buyer. SN’s TackBay just aids in bringing the two parties together.
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