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October 23, 2015 -

In case you missed the news when it hit the airwaves, over the summer on Thursday July 16th 2015, Saddle Network was put to an actual test. A tagged saddle that was being shipped by Antares Saddlery never made it to it’s rightful destination. Upon being notified that the saddle was never received, Antare’s North American Read more →

Untagged Saddles: Stolen!

The saddles mentioned in this article were untagged and unregistered through Saddle Network. This article is posted as a courtesy in the hope that the stolen items will be found and returned to their rightful owners.

 Untagged Saddles Stolen in Toronto, Canada

Park Lane Farms in Georgetown, Toronto, Canada had 13 English saddles stolen on the evening of November 19th, 2013.

7 Butets, 1 Devoucoux, 2 Childeric, 1 CWD, 1 Antares, 1 Bates. Sizes 16.5” -18”. All close contact. All were in excellent condition and most less than 2 years old. A $5,000.00 cash reward is offered for any information leading to their return. The thief is believed to be traveling in  a vehicle with Ontario Canada license plates. Likely a woman in her early 40’s May be in Florida. If you see them please contact the sheriffs dept and the number below.

Serial numbers were still being gathered; below is a list of each saddle with available details.

Make    Size                        Description and Serial number if available

Butet – 17″                   knee blocks on front only. Brown. 2008. Serial number #87412
Butet – 17.25″             knee blocks on front only. Brown. 2012. Serial number #87412
Butet – 17″.                  Brown. Serial number #26909
Butet – 18″                   Brown.Serial number #109913
Butet – 18″                   Brown. Serial number #134712
Butet – 17″                Brown. Flat seat unknown serial number
Childrec –                    M Model. 2.5 flap. 16.5″ seat. Brown. 2010
Childrec –                    17″ 2009 Serial number #86909
Devoucoux Chiberta – 18.5″ seat. M – 3AABR. Dark Brown. 2012. Serial number 773.12
CWD –                          17.5″ seat 4L flap. Full calf dark brown leather. Serial number #018761

Information can be provided confidentially to the email or number below.

Angus Footman

Park Lane Farms
5044 Tenth Line
Georgetown, ON
L7G 4S8
416 648 1323


Untagged Saddles Stolen in Pasadena, CA

On the night of October 6th, Eaton Dam Stables in Pasadena, CA was burglarized. Thieves stole 16 saddles and many other pieces of tack from a closed, locked tackroom that they broke into with a crowbar. One saddle was passed down from a rider’s grandfather, and all tack holds sentimental value for its owners. If you have any information concerning this stolen tack contact Sharon Grey of Eaton Dam Stables at (626) 818-6464.

Pictured is just one of the saddles that were stolen. For an album with more photos of the stolen tack, visit this link. 

Circle Y Arkansas Trail Gaiter 16″ MODEL # 158-1601-05 Brown with black smooth seat, missing on concho/tie on left front
This is the exact model, color and tooling:

Circle Y Arkansas Trail Gaiter 16" MODEL # 158-1601-05 Brown with black smooth seat, missing on concho/tie on left front This is the exact model, color and tooling.


1 Untagged Antares Saddle Stolen in Sacramento, CA

Trainer Mickey Hayden, of Hayden Show Jumping in Southern California, was in town for the Sacramento International Horse Show on Monday, September 30th when his saddle was stolen from a hotel parking lot. Thieves entered his closed and locked vehicle from the sunroof, and stole his saddle along with a pair of golf clubs. Hayden had parked his vehicle under a streetlight in the hopes that thieves would be deterred, but to his dismay they were not.
Hayden’s Antares saddle was untagged and there are no archived photos of it. The following is the saddle’s serial number information:

Antares serial no. 11 2000

18 3A LSP M20 , grain leather

All info is stamped under left flap.


1 Untagged Antares Pony Saddle Stolen in New Jersey

Antares reports that this pony saddle with the following serial information was stolen in New Jersey the week of July 22, 2013. Contact Antares at if you have any information about this saddle.


2 Untagged Saddles Stolen in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Two Teskey western Saddles were stolen from a horse trailer at the Albuquerque Costco parking lot on Renaissance Rd, in Albuquerque NM on July 24, 2013. Any information would be helpful. Reward if found. All information will be kept confidential. Information via Craigslist New Mexico, go here for more.

2 Saddles Stolen in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Along with the theft of 7 of her horses, Amanda Bechtel’s Buffalo and King Western saddles were stolen from Winston Salem, North Carolina on 4/20/2013. Call Amanda with any information – (910)364-4224

Several (8-10) saddle pads one of which was a Tripple x, every grooming tool, 2 full sets of sports medicine boots, shin boots, polo wraps (8-10 full sets), hot pink winter blanket (think size 86), and many other items were also stolen.

The horses that were stolen are as follows:

1.) Black and White APHA paint horse, stands at 16hh, mare, 7yrs old. Requires special care to keep her healthy. Urgent that she is found.

2.) Black roan w/bald face, stands around 15.2hh, 13yrs old, mare. Requires special care as well.

3.) Blue roan, Paint-TWH cross, stands at 15.3-16hh, 6yrs old, mare.

4.) Dark gray, Arabian-Friesian cross, 3yrs old, stands a little over 16hh, but is still growing.

5.) Dark bay, ASB, stands at 16hh, 6yrs old, gelding. Had recent injury to right hind leg. May be lame if not handled with care.

6.) Bay, Paso Fino, mare, 4yrs old, around 14.2hh. Will get stressed easily.

7.) Light bay, Paso Fino, gelding, 5yrs old, around 14hh. VERY herd bound to Paso mare.

1 Saddle Stolen in Ainsworth, Nebraska

This untagged saddle was stolen sometime before 12/29/2012. It has great sentimental value to its owner Kris. Share & call 402-760-1671 if you see it, & remember, the more equestrians who join Saddle Network, the less of this we’ll see!
Saddle Network: Identify. Protect. Prevent. Archive.

2 Saddles Stolen in Modesto, CA

Alert! Untagged saddles stolen on Christmas Eve – please share and help get the word out.

Amy Polnoff asks, “would you please help me locate my stolen saddles that were taken from my home in Modesto, CA? One is a custom made Bob Marshall Cutting Saddle, the other is a Rough Out Team Penning Saddle. If someone appears trying to sell either or both of these saddles, please notify the Modesto Police Department that someone is selling stolen property at 209-572-9500.”

$500 REWARD for safe return of these saddles. UPDATE – The Cutting Saddle was FOUND on 4/5/13


11 Saddles Stolen in Costa Mesa, CA

[Costa Mesa, CA] Shefmire Sport Horses at the Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center in Costa Mesa, California was the victim of saddle theft between the evening of Sunday, November 11th and Monday, November 12th.

Head trainer Nicol Shefmire reports that a stall cleaner saw a suspicious person in the area at the time of the theft. The suspicious person is described as a Caucasian male in his early 20?s, approximately 6? tall, with short blond hair that is spikey in the front, wearing a black leather jacket, carrying a flashlight, and what appeared to be a crowbar.

11 saddles in total were stolen from Shefmire Sport Horses’ tackroom on the property, including:

1 – Devocoux Oldara 16 1/2? buffalo leather, serial #153.08. The underside pommel has a last name written in large letters with black magic marker.

1- Devocoux

1 -semi custom Stubben

1- Antares

1- Butet

1 – Pessoa A/O, serial # 897D18858

1 – Pessoa

Only expensive stirrup irons were taken, cheap ones were left behind.

Also stolen was one black saddle pad embroidered with OCHSA letters and logo, plus name of pony “Lucky For Me”.

If you have ANY information about this theft that could lead to the return of these stolen saddles, please contact:

Nicol Shefmire

Shefmire Sport Horses

(714) 754-7801 barn

(714) 404-6553 cell

The saddles mentioned in this article were untagged and unregistered through Saddle Network. This article is posted as a courtesy in the hope that the stolen items will be found and returned to their rightful owners.


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